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Hello, welcome to my site first of all!

I appreciate you stopping by and giving the site a look.
It means a lot to me.

The Hungry Hussey, Blackstone griddle, griddle chef

My name is Matthew Hussey and I live in Thomasville, NC with my wife, two kids, and a dog (Maggie dog) and at our home, I love to cook Good Groceries for fans all around!   


I love cooking on anything, but mostly a Blackstone Griddle and a Big Green Egg.  I’ll also film cooking in the kitchen with an oven or an InstantPot.  


Cooking is always something I’ve enjoyed doing.  I started cooking when I was young and cooking with my mother.  I can remember watching cooking shows on PBS like Justin Wilson, Yan Can Cook, Bobby Flay, and many others.  When I watched a show, I would sometimes try and replicate what they cooked with something we had in the kitchen, even though I didn’t have half the ingredients.  Haha.  


Now, I love cooking for my family and friends.  My YouTube journey has exposed me to many great people that I love connecting with.  


Thanks for stopping by!  



Hungry Hussey

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