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Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Chopped Cheese

Do you love chicken, bacon, and ranch? Then you're going to love this blackstone griddle recipe! Chicken, bacon, and ranch chopped cheese is a delicious and easy dish to make on the griddle. Watch this video to learn how to make this delicious and easy dish. If you're looking for a delicious and easy recipe to make on the griddle, then you need to try this chicken, bacon, and ranch chopped cheese! This dish is perfect for a quick and easy meal. Watch this video to learn how to make this amazing dish.


2 pounds ground chicken or turkey

9 slices cheese

3 hoagie rolls

1 /2 pound bacon

1 Tomato, sliced lettuce, shredded

3 tbsp mayonnaise

3 tbsp ranch dressing

Blackstone's Essential Blend seasoning


Step 1

1 Preheat griddle to med/low. Cut up lettuce and slice tomato and set aside. If hoagie roll is not sliced, slice down the middle making sure not to cut all the way through. Cut bacon into pieces.

Step 2

2 Put bacon on the griddle and cook through and to your liking and move to the cool side of the griddle. Put ground chicken on the griddle where the bacon was, season with Blackstone Essential Blend, and cook through. Move to the cool side of the griddle.

Step 3

3 Next, open hoagie rolls and put on griddle to light toast, about 1 minute on each side. and remove from griddle.

Step 4

4 Move chicken to the middle of griddle and separate in 3 piles the length of your spatula and bun wide. To each pile, add 1/3 of the bacon, 3 slices of cheese and mix each pile to incorporate the bacon and cheese and let cheese melt.

Step 5

5 Put mayonnaise on each roll and put roll on top of meat cut side down. Get your spatula under the meat and holding the bun in one hand, flip the meat over. Drizzle with ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato and drizzle more ranch dressing. Dust with more Essential Blend and enjoy

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