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Chicken Sandwich on Ciabatta roll

This chicken sandwich recipe is a great lunch or dinner item because it doesn't take long to prepare and cook. A few ingredients and you're on your way!


2 ciabatta rolls

2 bonelless/ skinless chicken breast

1 slices large Tomato

6 slices bacon

2 slices provolone cheese

2 slices colby jack cheese

2 tbsp Guacamole Chicken Seasoning:

1 /2 tsp salt

1 /2 tsp garlic powder

1 /2 tsp chicken powder

1 /4 tsp black pepper

1 /4 tsp paprika


Step 1

1 Preheat griddle to 375-380. While heating, put chicken in ziplock bag and pound down until thin and even thickness. Put bacon on griddle and cook to your liking.

Step 2

2 Season chicken with seasoning and let rest till bacon is cooked. Remove bacon and get griddle to 375-380 degrees and add chicken to the bacon grease. Cook until internal temp is 165 degrees. Butter up rolls and put on griddle to toast.

Step 3

3 Once toasted, add tbs of guac to the bottom of the buns. Add sliced tomato and season with salt and pepper. Put chicken breast next and then a slice of provolone and colby jack cheese. Add the bacon and then the top of the bun.

Step 4

4 Put butter down on the griddle and add sandwich and some water to steam. Cloce lid or cover and let cheese melt.

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