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Clarified Butter or Liquid Gold

Making clarifed butter is super easy and allows one to really pack flavor into their sautes, meats, or whatever. Check out this video to see how I do it!


1 lb butter


1. Put 1lb of butter in a pan and put over medium heat. Let the butter melt until bubbling/slight boil. Once starting to bubble remove from heat. The whey will rise to the top while the clarified butter will stay in the middle and the bottom will be milk solids.


2. After the mixture has sat for a minute or two, take a spoon and remove the whey from the top. Using a squirt bottle and funnel, pour the clarified butter into the bottle. The objective is to pour the clarified butter into the bottle leaving the milk solids in the pan. Pour slowly and discard the milk solids in the bottom. It's not a big deal if a little milk solid gets into the clarified butter.

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