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Ultimate Cheesy Ranch Potatoes

Who does not love potatoes? Throw some cheese, ranch, and bacon on them, and it's a heck of a dish. Check out this video out for your next ultimate potato side dish.


4 ea Yukon Gold potatoes, cubed

3 slices bacon

1 /2 ea red, yellow, orange peppers chopped 1/2 ea onion chopped

1 /2 cup ranch dressing

1 cup Cheddar cheese grated


Step 1

1 Parboil potatoes till almost done. Let cool and chop into cubes.

Step 2

2 Heat griddle to med/high and add chopped potatoes. Cook potatoes for five minutes. Add water and cover to steam potatoes. While cooking, add bacon to griddle and cook to desired doneness. Add peppers and onions and cook till done. Add salt and pepper to potatoes.

Step 3

3 Mix vegetables with potatoes when done. Add cast iron plate to the griddle and add some butter. Add 1/2 cup of ranch dressing to the plate. Then add potatoes, then shredded cheddar cheese then chopped bacon. Cover and steam or put in oven till cheese melts.

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