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BLT Sandwich

This bacon lettuce and fried green tomato sandwich was one of the best I've had. Thanks to my neighbor Brandon for the recommendation.


12 slices Bacon

2 slices Lettuce

8 slices Sourdough bread

6 tbsp Mayonnaise

6 tbsp Jared pesto

1 /2 cup Cornmeal

1 /2 cup Panko

2 large Eggs

1 /2 cup Milk

1 cup AP flour



1 tbsp Mike Lowry's

2 drops Texas Pete hot sauce

2 green tomatoes


Step 1

1 Get one side of the griddle on high and add an aluminum pan with some vegetable oil in it and heat to 350-375 degrees.

Step 2

2 Set up dredging station ready: #1 2 Eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 2 drops Texas Pete hot sauce. #2 1/2 cup cornmeal, 1/2 cup Panko, salt and pepper and 1 tbsp Mike Lowery seasoning. #3 1 cup flour.

Step 3

3 Slice green tomatoes to 1/4-1/2" thick. Dredge tomato slices in flour, then egg mixture, then Panko mixture and coat well. Set aside until oil is 350-375 degrees. Working in batches, fry the tomatoes until golden brown. Meanwhile on a med low setting put bacon down and fry to your liking. When bacon is done, toast the bread in the bacon grease.

Step 4

4 Add mayo to both slices of bread, then pesto, then two tomatoes followed by three slices bacon, letuce and other slice of bread. Slice and enjoy

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