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Bologna Club Sandwich

Mom used to make bologna sandwiches growing up for lunch, but I decided to amp this up more on the Blackstone. So, the bologna club was made a thing! Haha.


3 slices Texas toast

4 slices thick cut bologna

4 slices American cheese

4 slices bacon




Salt and Pepper


1. Pre heat griddle to low and add the bacon. Cook to your liking. When almost done, move to the side of griddle and cut bologna with four equal slices about 1" in the bologna. This makes sure it won't curl while cooking. Put them in the bacon grease and cook.


2. Using butter, melt on griddle and toast bread. Flip bologna and cook other side. Check bacon for donenes.


3. Slice tomato and season with salt and pepper. When the first side of bread is toasted, flip and toast the other side.


4. Add a slice of cheese to each piece of bologna.


5. To build, Put Mayo on two pieces of toast followed by a slice of tomato on the two pieces of toast and some lettuce on each. Put two pieces of bacon on two pieces of bologna leaving two pieces of bologna with just cheese. On the two pieces of toast put one piece of bologna with cheese followed by a piece of bologna with cheese and bacon. Do the same with the other piece of toast with tomato.


6. Take one of the pieces of toast with bologna and add the top piece of bread. Take the other piece of toast with bologns and flip over on top of the first piece of toast making a triple decker sandwich.

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