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Breakfast Skillet

This Breakfast Skillet made on the Blackstone griddle included potatoes, corned beef hash, gravy, and fried eggs was one of the best breakfast dishes I've made. It's a simple breakfast that will be sure to keep you full for a long time!


2 Leftover baked potatoes cubed

1 /4 cup onions

1 /4 cup peppers

1 lb Corned Beef Hash

2 tablespoons butter

3 flour

1 jar Dried Beef

2 cups Milk

2 3 Tbs butter



4 large Eggs

Grated cheese of choice

Green onion tops


Step 1

1 Heat griddle and add oil. Put down potatoes and add onions and peppers. Chop up half jar of dried beef.

Step 2

2 In a small pan, putt butter and dried beef in until butter is melted. Add flour and make a roux. Cook for a minute or two. Add milk and whisk until mixed. Add salt and pepper being careful not to add too much salt as dried beef is salty. Let simmer to get thick.

Step 3

3 Add more oil and add corn beef hash to griddle. Cook until done, about 3-4 minutes.

Step 4

4 When gravy is thickened, turn off burner under gravy. Add eggs to non lighted burner ares putting down some butter first.

Step 5

5 To plate, put potatoes down first, then corn beef hash, then cheese and then the gravy and top with two eggs

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