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Brisket Cheesesteak

The king 👑 of all cheesesteaks has come! Brisket cheesesteaks in my opinion the best cheesesteak I've fixed to date. It's smokeyness is what really shines through and the fat that's rendered helps build flavor too. Let's not forget about that bark! Oh my gosh that bark.


1 medium onions coarsely chopped

1 Peppers of your choice

1 lbs leftover brisket

3 Sub rolls (I use Martin's)

9 slices American Cheese (I use white)

Hussey Heifer Dust

3 tbsp Dukes Mayo


Step 1

1 Turn griddle on low to heat up. While heating, slice onion and bell pepper. Cube up leftover brisket.

Step 2

2 Add putter and some oil to griddle and add veggie's. Add your favorite to the veggie's. While cooking, add some water to steam the veggie's

Step 3

3 On the other side of griddle, add some butter or beef tallow and add brisketand some seasoning. Using spatula cut meat in smaller pieces while heating. When all heated mix together the veggie's and brisket. Separate into three piles the size of the bun. Add cheese to the piles and let melt. While the cheese is melting, add mayo to the bun. Put bun on top of the meat/cheese mixture and get your spatula under meat and flip over. Add any meat and cheese that fell out.

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