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Easy Egg in a hole Breakfast Sandwich

Start your morning with this easy yet delicious breakfast sandwich. It will impress your guests as well as fill your stomach.


6 slices sour dough bread

6 large eggs

8 slices bacon

1 pound breakfast sausage

6 slices  cheese  


Hussy Heifer Dust



1. Preheat griddle to low. Take a biscuit cutter or glass and cut a round hole out in each piece of bread.


2. When griddle gets hot, add bacon and cook to your liking. Take sausage and make 2-3 oz balls. Put on griddle and smash flat. Don't need to make it smash burger flat, just flatten out to cover the bread and cook to your liking. When sausage and bacon are cooked, turn off one burner and slide sausage and bacon to that side to keep warm.


3. Put some butter down in the bacon grease and spread out. Put down bread with hole in the butter and toast one side. Add more butter and flip bread to toast the other side. Once fliped, add an egg to each hole and season with Heifer Dust. When bread gets toasted on second side, flip to cook the other side of the eggs


4. Once flipped, add mayo to the bread, followed by a slice of cheese. To three pieces of bread, add a sausage patty. To another piece of bread add a sausage patty and some bacon. The third piece of bread, add bacon. Take the two pieces of bread that have sausage and flip on top of each other to make a double sausage sandwich. The other two add the bread that only has cheese to make two more sandwiches.


5. Add a little water and cover to melt the cheese. When cheese is melted, remove, cut and enjoy

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