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Red Hot, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Biscuit

Breakfast made on the Blackstone griddle is fun and exicting and when you make homemade biscuits and add a Bright Leaf Red Hot on it, it hits even harder!



2 cups self rising flour

1 /4 cup crisco

3 /4 cup Buttermilk

4 tbsp butter

Red Hots:

4 Red Hot sausages

4 slices cheese

4 large eggs

4 tbsp mayonnaise

4 slices American cheese


Step 1

1 Put flour in large bowl. Add Crisco and mix well. When you get small pea size pepples, add buttermilk and work till tacky. Put flour on work surface and lightly knead until it comes together.

Step 2

2 Roll dough out to about 3/4" thick. Cut biscuits with a biscuit cutter. Roll out scraps to make more biscuits. Should get four decent size biscuits.

Step 3

3 Preheat griddle to low or about 300 degrees. Put some oil down and add biscuits to griddle. Cover with dome and let cook 2-3 minutes.

Step 4

4 While cooking biscuits, slice the Red Hots length wiise but don't cut all the way through. Fold them open and add some oil to the other side of the griddle and lay down the red hots. Cook low and slow. Meanwhile flip the biscuits and let cook 2-3 minutes on the other side. Add some butter to the top of the flipped biscuits. Flip the red hots and cook other side. When done, remove the red hots and the biscuits.

Step 5

5 Turn off griddle and add some butter to the griddle and add your eggs. While eggs are cooking, cut biscuits in half and add mayo to both sides. Put red hots back on the griddle. Add cooked egg on top of sausages followed by a slice of cheese. When cheese melts, put the sausage, egg and cheese on the biscuits. Cover with top of biscuit and enjoy

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