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Steak and Eggs

Breakfast is my favorite meal time for sure and when I want something real nice, I like to have some steak and egg. No ordinary steak, a NY Strip steak (cooked medium rare) with some sunny side up eggs with some home fries and and biscuit. Phewww.... Some good groceries ya'll. Give this a try, you'll love it.


1 /2 lb New York Strip Steak


3 large eggs

2 tbsp butter seasoned salt

1 potatoes baked

2 biscuit

1 onion coarsely chopped


Step 1

1 Thaw your frozen biscuits and cook directly on the griddle or in the air fryer. if doing on griddle, watch carefully as to not burn.

Step 2

2 Take your New York Strip and salt generously. Bake a potato in the microwave or oven and let cool. Then chop up the potato in snall chunks. Chunk up 1/4 of onion and get griddle warming on low. When 350 degrees, add some oil and a tablespoon of butter. add potatoes and onion. Add some salt and cook for a few minutes. Flip and add more butter and some Lowerys season salt.

Step 3

3 Raise temp to high on one side and sear the steak 1 minute per side. Continue flipping until your desired done ness. Move potatoes to the side and turn off that side of the griddle. When steak is done, remove to rest and add butter to the cooler side of the griddle and put eggs down. Cook eggs to desired done ness and plate. Add potatoes and sliced steak and biscuits and enjoy

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