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Breakfast Sliders

This breakfast sausage, egg, and cheese slider recipe is really simple and perfect for your family on a weekday or weekend for breakfast. Folks that enjoy camping will also enjoy the simplicity of this as well.


1 lb Sausage of your choice

4 large Eggs

¼ cup half and half

6 slices American Cheese, sliced in half and folded in half.

Hawaiian rolls


Step 1

1. Grease some aluminum foil and put sausage down on foil. Flatten and use a biscuit cutter to make 12 sausage patties. Whisk half and half with eggs and mix well. Ct the Hawaiian rolls lengthwise and set aside.

Step 2

2. Preheat griddle. Turn on low the two outside burners and leave the inside burners off. Put down the sausage down on the hot side and cook for several minutes and flip. Cook another few minutes.

Step 3

3. Turn the burner on the cold side on to low and add butter. Add the slider rolls, cut side down, to the griddle and toast. When toasted flip and toast the other side. Turn off the sausage side burners and keep sausage warm. Remove slider rolls and add more butter.

Step 4

4. Add eggs and try to keep them in a single layer the size of the rolls. Turn off the burners and let eggs finish cooking. Ones cooked, use your biscuit cutter to cut 12 egg circles. Break the slider rolls into 12 rolls and add a piece of sausage to each roll, followed by an egg circle followed by a piece of cheese. Put top bun on and enjoy.

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