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Grilled Cheese Smash Burger

Taking a grilled cheese, then double smash burgers, with bacon, is just wow and amazing!


12 oz Ground chuck (4) 3oz balls

1 med Onions

2 tbsp Heifer Dust

8 slices Martin's Potato Bread 4 tbsp Duke's Mayo

4 slices Bacon

8 slices cheese


Step 1

1 Take four slices of bread and put mayo on each slice then a piece of cheese on each slice of bread. Put the bred together makeing two grilled cheese sandwiches. Put butter on a low heat griddle (350 degrees). Put the two grilled cheese on the butter and use a heavy press on top of both.Put bacon on griddle and cook to your liking. Cook grilled cheese about 1-1 1/2 minutes per side.

Step 2

2 When side one is done, flip to side of griddle and pump up center of griddle to 450 degrees. Season hamburger ball with Heifer Dust and put down on griddle, topping the ball with onions. Smash and hold 10 seconds to get a good contact patch on burger. After about 30 seconds, flip burger. When flipped, add cheese slices to each burger. They are done when cheese melts. Take the two grilled cheese and add mayo to one side of each sandwich. Put two burger patties with onions and bacon on top of one grilled cheese. Add condiments to the one side of the other grilled cheese and use it as the top of the burger

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