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Hussanator vs Baconator

Making a Wendy's Baconator at home on a Blackstone griddle adds an extra dimension of flavor and authenticity to this iconic fast-food creation. The combination of sizzling beef patties, crispy bacon, melted cheese, and perfectly toasted buns will have your taste buds dancing with delight. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey that brings the classic Baconator experience right to your backyard.


1 ½ lbs of 80/20 ground chuck

2 Hamburger buns of your choice. Hussey likes Martin's Potatoe Buns

2 tbsp Mayonnaise (Dukes of course, it's a State Law)

2 tbsp Ketchup

6 slices Bacon

4 tbsp Heifer Dust

4 pickle slices


Step 1

1 Heat griddle to low and but bacon on. Cook to your liking. Meanwhile, in a square ziplock bag add 3/4 lb of meat and press till it is square. Remove from bag and cut a little bigger than the bun ( remember, Wendy's has square burgers). Ramp up the griddle temp and add the hamburger patties. Season with Hussey's Heifer Dust.

Step 2

2 While hamburgers are cooking, spread some bacon grease down and add two buns and toast. While hamburger is finishing up remove the buns and add mayo to both top and bottom and add ketchup to top bun. Add cheese to each of the hamburger patties. Also add some pickle slices.

Step 3

3 Put three patties on each bun followed by 3 pieces of bacon. Top with top bun.

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