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Smoked Cream Cheese 3 Ways

Smoked cream cheese has been a popular item lately on the internet and it peaked my curiosity. So I started testing it out and giving samples out to folks to see what they think and they loved it! The cream cheese you'd think it would melt and turn to liquid, but it doesn't. It holds the original shape and kind of dries and looks like a piece of flaky fish. It's very interesting. It's a great appetizer for game day or for any occasion.


3 blocks cream cheese

Oil for rub adhesion

Rub of your choice (this is fun to experiment with)

Crackers of your choice

Sauce of. your choice (a nice pepper jelly is great too)



1. Preheat smoker to 225. Line a small rimmed baking pan with foil and put 2 blocks of cream cheese on foil. Cut cross hatches in the cream cheese forming x's in the blocks of cream cheese.


2. Liberally apply your favorite rub on each block of cream cheese making sure to coat the sides too.


3. Smoke at 225 for 2 hours using your favorite smoking chips. After 2 hours remove from smoker and serve with crackers. Add sauce if you want.


4. Note: I used Everything Bagel , Uncle Steves sweet and spicy and everglades seasoning. I used japalenos on the sweet and spicy and cherry bbq sauce on the everglades cream cheese.

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