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Steak & Chicken Fajitas

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with our mouthwatering Steak and Chicken Fajitas cooked to perfection on the Blackstone Griddle! In this sizzling video, we'll walk you through the steps to create a flavorful and satisfying fajita experience like no other. From seasoning the meats to the sizzling sear on the griddle, you'll learn all the tips and tricks to make this savory dish a household favorite.



4 Roma tomatoes, diced

½ red onion, diced

1 jalapeno, seeded and diced

2 tbsp chopped cilantro

salt to taste

1 juice of 1 lime

1 tsp oil

1 tsp Hiussey's Fiesta Blend Seasoning


1 lb chicken breast, thinly sliced

1 lb ribeye steak, thinly sliced

1 yellow bell pepper seeded and cut into long, thin strips

Hussey's Fiesta Blend Seasoning

1 red bell pepper seeded and sliced

1 white onion sliced

1 lime juice

8 Flour tortillas


Shredded cheese

shredded lettuce

pickled jalapeno's

sour cream


Step 1

1. Preheat griddle to med/high. Add some oil to your steak and chicken and season both sides liberally with Fiesta Seasoning and let rest.

Step 2

2. Mix all the ingredients of the pico together and mix well and set aside.

Step 3

3. Add oil to griddle and add the veggie's to the griddle and mix. Add steak and chicken to different spots on the griddle and cook till done.

Step 4

4. Season veggie's with Fiesta Blend. When chicken and steak are done remove from griddle to cutting board and chop into smaller strips keeping separate. Remove the veggie's from griddle and put on cutting board. Squeeze lemon on all the meat and add a little more Fiesta Blend seasoning on top.

Step 5

5. Put some flour tortillas on the griddle to warm up for about 30 seconds per side. Remove from griddle. Make your fajitas any way you like using steak, chicken, veggie's, pico, lettuce, cheese and jalapeno's.

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