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Country Boy Breakfast

This is one of my favorite breakfast ever! Breaded pork loin, potatoes, eggs, grits, and toast. This is a heavy breakfast fit for a country boy here! I'd say this is a common meal in the south for sure.


2 Tenderize Pork Loin

3 large  eggs

1 large  baking potato 

Dredging station:

1 large egg

1/4 cup milk

1 cup flour

Salt and pepper  

Country Boy:


Season Salt

2 slices  Bread



1. Start by preparing the grits in the house. You can make them on the griddle but it takes longer to make. Preheat griddle to med/low or 350 degrees. Then microwave the potato until internal temp is around 200 degrees. Next make your dredging stations. The first with 1 egg and 1/4 cup milk. Mix well. Next station put flour and salt & pepper.


2. Dice potato to the size you like. Add liberal amount of butter to griddle followed by some oil. Put potatoes down in the butter and sprinkle with liberal amount of seasoned salt. Don't touch potatoes for 5 minutes or more to crisp up.


3. Take tenderloin and dip in egg mixture then the flour to evenly coat. Put oil down on griddle and then the tenderloin pieces. Cook 2-3 minutes.


4. Flip potatoes and the pork loin and cook on other side. When almost done, move to the side, lower the heat or turn off and put butter down and add eggs to griddle. Butter a section of griddle and put bread down to toast.


5. When everything is done, plate with 2 pieces of pork loin, potatoes, eggs and if you made grits, add them to the plate as well as the toast.

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